In the Begining

When I graduated from highschool I weighed a very small 120 pounds at 5'8" tall.  I joined the Army and went to basic training.  I was a very avid runner at that time.  During my 8 weeks at basic training I gained 25 pounds of sheer muscle and was still able to run at a fairly decent clip.  After 3 years in the Army I went to college.  I maintained that healthy weight until my senior year.  I stepped on the scale and ballooned up to 169 pounds.  In 7 Short years I had gained almost 50 pounds and the flab was starting to show.  I was able to maintain that weight for the next two or 3 years and then I married my lovely wife.  Caboom add anoth 12 pounds and I found myself stairing down at 180.  I was able to maintain a consistent weight around 180 for the next 9 years. In late 2003 right before I was deployed to Iraq I had gained a few pounds and was hovering between 190-195.  I spent a 15 months in Iraq, I ate fairly well and I was a workout machine.  I ran every day, sometimes twice a day and I was doing a 2 hour weight work out.  When I returned from Iraq I was back down to 160 pounds and was a lean mean fighting machine.  Unfortunately fast food and Soda took center stage and I went back up to a very unhealthy 200 pounds in just a matter of 6 months.  Since that time I have been deployed 2 more times to the middle east and have gained a substantial amount of weight.  I looked down at the scale just last week and saw a terrifying number 239 pounds.  I had gained almost 80 pounds in a little over 10 years.  I knew I had to do something and today I am starting a weightloss and fitness Journey.  I'll post updates and Pics as they happen.

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